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  • Under pressure

    Betty drukkendHello dear fans. It’s been a quiet week, don’t you think. You did notice my absence? Of course you did! I haven’t been around to entertain you with my column. That’s absolutely not my fault. I’m not to blame in any way. I, wash my hands with extra hydrating soap in the basin that’s called innocence. I couldn’t help it, honest! I wanted to, but I couldn’t. Why not? I can hear you ask that question. I was too busy. I worked overtime and as a professional ego one has to get ones priorities in order. In times where several subjects need my attention, followed by my sharp opinion and my well-aimed nasty look or disapproving moans, that’s juggling with time dear people! (more…)

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  • Smart Tee from Icon Speak

    iconspeak-t-shirt-women-black_1024x1024What do you do, when you get stranded in Vietnam with your motorbike and are desperate for help from a mechanic? Two Swiss adventurers found themselves in that situation and thought it would be a great idea to have some icons with you all the time to communicate with others to overcome language barriers. They came up with the Iconshirt! (more…)

    Deze post is ook beschikbaar in: Dutch

Deze post is ook beschikbaar in: Dutch

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