TuinkasHello Happy Minders, me again with the weekly column. It was a long week to wait for another column, don’t you agree? My sentiments exactly. This week’s theme: Sowing panic.

I’m quite the gardener, did you know that? I love to spent time sowing things. What do I sow, you ask? Come along I’ll show you around in my little greenhouse. Mind the step… Well, first of all we have all the little pots neatly organized with name tags. Please do not touch the plants, I’m not quite sure what the effect will be… Here we have my collection of fear plants. Over here we have the tantrum plants (the seem to come and go in the soil, strange little plants) Oh and let me show you the insecurity berry plant (they are a bit shy I’m afraid and taste horrible) and last but not least the panic plants.

Last week it was time to harvest the panic plants. Oh my goodness, what a huge amount of work I had. Of course it’s a metaphor, I think you may have guessed that. I was upset during the last week. Why? I will tell you.

When something happens and I get upset, I start walking in circles on the carpet. I think about the situation and after that I change  direction and start walking clockwise. That’s when I start making assumptions. Why did it happen? Of course I like to pick the most negative reason I can come up with. Superstition is healthy and keeps us alert in the jungle I call life. Once I’ve made all the assumptions, I start feeling powerless. The story I came up with as an explanation and which I see as the absolute truth, starts getting bigger and bigger. I have a vivid imagination and an exquisite taste for drama. In the end I have a full story filled with worst case scenarios.

The result of this is that Ernestine gets a headache and reaches for her meditation app. I say.. How rude. I’ve been so busy with all this work and what do I get… not gratitude, that’s for sure. She has a new one. An English gentleman who has all sorts of sentences which make you relax. They ruin all my deep thinking, how annoying!

I’m a perfectionist and can’t focus on two things. I can’t harvest panic and listen to this English person at the same time. What happens is, that Ernestine is so relaxed that she ignores me. (rolls her eyes)

My panic harvest is completely down the drain. It seemed that the story I was so upset about was not as I assumed. The panic plants were not in order. I just found some little bags with seeds. Do you know which ones? Four leaved clover.. I guess that’s a silent suggestion?

I wish you all a great week and if you wonder where I am… I’ll be in my little greenhouse.

With love,



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