OptimismeHello dear fans, I’m jumping for joy to treat you to yet another weekly column. This week’s theme is: Optimism.

I don’t particularly like the word. Op-ti-mism. That’s thinking ahead in a positive way. Believing that everything will be alright even if the situation doesn’t look like it’s going to be alright. I mean, honestly, it’s weird. When something bad happens you don’t start thinking that you can change it by believing in fairy tales. I mean what would become of this world?

I’d rather stick to what I see and start having an opinion on it. Thinking ahead in a positive way? That’s scary. I love to keep things the way they are, that way I can cope with things. All those theories about the glass being half full instead of half empty. If you think about it,  there is a certain amount of fluid in it and that’s all you’ll get to drink. Or am I missing the point here? After rain there’s Sunshine. Another one. You never know if that will happen. That’s my point. There’s no proof! Optimism is not based on knowing for sure. You can assume that you will get the job you wanted or prince charming will come on his white horse instead of loving and leaving you… Who says that’s the truth?

I read somewhere (I do occasionally read something…) that if you’re not optimistic you’re sabotaging your life. That would mean that you have some influence on how things turn out. A self-forfiling prophecy, it said. If you assume that something will fail, it will. Hm. I need to chew on this, I guess.

As I was writing down all the bad stuff in my diary, something positive happend. You turn your back for a few minutes and there you have it. I didn’t count on that. Now I need to add extra information to my diary. My story didn’t turn out to be true. Ernestine had a moment of optimism.

It’s so annoying when Ernestine takes care of our life while I’m busy with my archive of bad things. What’s the point of worrying if someone starts solving things while I’m busy? I mean, it’s my job! I’m responsible for the panic, the negative thinking, the assumptions… What’s there left for me to do, this makes me redundant?

I may have to think about this. You don’t think that I’m going to be fired?

If I need to be optmistic, I assume that I’ll be here again next week with my colum, that’s a safe thought.







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