It was to be expected that Betty would develop  an attitude after the book was published. I understand that being the star in a book will do that to an ego. She has a Facebook Page about her and she shines on the Facebook page of Happy Minds. Betty will give the world a piece of her mind on various subjects. She is jumping for joy about this.

The first column she wrote is about revenge. She talks about her need to pay people back for whatever she thinks they did to her.

I don’t think people will admit it, but we all have times that we think about getting even with someone for whatever reason… It could be a co-worker who got the promotion you wanted or someone on Facebook who made a nasty comment, it’s only human.

Betty gets the opportunity to discuss all these emotions in her column. People seem to enjoy her way of saying things like it is. She doesn’t bother to sugar coat her words, no she is completely authentic and honest in a rude way. Maybe people like it so much, because deep down the recognize the emotions Betty shows them.

Enjoy the weekly words of darling Betty, dear Happy Minders and feel free to leave a comment (I do warn you about her sensitive heart as it comes to getting feedback…)



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