Ernestine aapjes 1Just an ordinary day in the week, 30 degrees Celsius… Normally I wouldn’t dream of going outside in this kind of weather.. I’m not the summer type. I feel for all the people who were spending their holiday in a tent, while the rain was poring down the last few weeks. I was in summer heaven. Nice temperature and autumn weather. Goodie! So I was leaving my comfort zone yesterday, by going out into the heat.

Strange enough I felt calm about going. My Betty usually starts moaning, nagging, complaining about all the things we shouldn’t do that day. I would make lots and lots of ice cubes, poor cold water in a bucket and put my feet in it and start praying for cool weather. But Betty was OK with it, and so I found myself sitting in the car, driving to a new world. The world of monkeys.

Actually I didn’t want to go. I’d been to this park once before and I remember being scared. Animals walking around and jumping all over me..  searching in my pockets for whatever treasure they thought they could find.

Funny how a memory of being scared has so much influence on a choice you would make today. I decided to be brave and join the party. I left all my belongings in the car and with just my sunglasses on I entered the park. Monkey proof. Bring them on, people!

“You are now entering a monkey on the loose zone”. “Please do not feed, trigger or pet the monkeys”. As if it would want to do so…duh.  So dear monkeys, I’m here… The reality of the park today was so much different then I remember. Sure… there were monkeys in the trees, monkeys on the ground, but not one of them seemed to be eager to become friends with me. So another old belief bites the dust.

It was nice to walk in the park with all the trees and the occasional breeze. I had to admit, this was a great plan. Going to the monkey park on a hot summer day. I looked around and I noticed that this park didn’t have all the flashy stores and shops you usually find in theme parks. They even had photo booths were you could take your picture for free! A great idea. Take a selfie with monkeys in the background.  One push on a button and you could forward the picture to your email or to your Face book.

My lovely ego Betty had some things to say at the end of the day. After walking for hours, my feet were killing me in my lovely ballerina shoes and in some areas of the park, the heat was overwhelming. “I’m not going to walk the same road twice” Betty shouted, after the discovery of passing a gorilla sign twice. She was moaning and sobbing in my head.

The monkeys had their own way of dealing with the heat. They were jumping of trees into the pound.  I wanted to join them… but it’s not always ‘monkey see, monkey do’.

If you ever want a great place to visit on a hot day… Go see the monkeys!  click here for information on the park


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