kicking bettyI meet a lot of special people in the world. That’s no wonder because I’m a curious person, but being an Ambassador for Life Vest Inside has made the world a lot smaller. A chat with someone in Australia, the US or India, is so easy (thanks to the modern social media). Recently I met a Scotsman who gave Betty a kick in her charming …

It’s nice to be a creative person and a never ending flow of ideas goes through your head . Acting upon them is a different story. On my website there is a countdown timer with the title “Betty, the book’. There are 251 days left. A simple calculation tells us that I’ve spent quite a few days thinking about writing a book about my lovely ego.

Brian CanavanI’ve got enough material for it, but no idea where to start. Betty has plenty of ideas why not to start writing. That changed when I met Brian Canavan and Optiva Coaching . A great motivator with a simple product. A system to , as he puts it so nicely “start on the most beautiful part of the rest of your life”. He calls it his Mojo, by which he means your passion working optimally in balance, successfully, and in line with your purpose. The great thing about Brian is, that he doesn’t pretend to be a guru. He’s had his share of tough times and from that experience he developed his method. No boring never ending explanations. Just a simple and effective set of tools on how to change your life into a great life.

Betty readySure.. I could have kicked myself to start writing, but letting someone else do it seems to do the trick better.  After just one session with Brian it happened! Betty saw the light! Brian had given me a deadline. “Before next Friday I want to see the introduction for the book on my desk!” That worked. Betty was triggered. No way we would fail on that deadline. A large amount of motivation and pride were drawn out of a drawer in Betty’s room. After that my fingers couldn’t get away from the keyboard. Sentence after sentence made it from my head to the screen. The introduction was finished long before the deadline, in two languages.

With amazement I look at myself. Wow. I’m doing it, I’m writing a book!. Once a week I talk to Brian on Skype. The simple excersises he gave me not only made me start writing, but got me working on a new plan for the future. I’ll get back to you on that soon.

Betty is excited. We are making progress, we started our project. Funny thing that  a kick from a Scotsman can work miracles.

If you want some help on getting your Mojo running fast… Do contact Brian Canavan, If he can deal with Betty… there’s no telling what he will do next.



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