Social media… a curse or a blessing?

sunny dayOur former Queen Beatrix once said in her Christmas speach that society would start to get lonely because of the fact that people are hiding behind their computers, laptops and smartphones. A friend would not be more than a number in the list on Facebook and the real world has become further away than ever.

I think there are two sides to social media and it’s like with al the pleasures in life (like with alchohol) enjoy.. but within limits.  Social media can cause isolation. People who play games online for days, get caught up in chatting and seeing the chatters as their ‘friends’. On the other hand, social media can make things happen as well.  For example if you need to spread the word fast (in case of danger) or if you want to contribute to the world  by asking attention for a good cause, social media is a positive way to do it.

The artist in this song says… Enjoy the day.. if the sun is shinging.. go and enjoy and leave your social media for that moment.



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