Cover Engels Betty and me

One year ago I accepted the challenge to write a book. Now it’s done! The book is written and published!

The world according to Betty (life with a little ego)

It’s still a tough subject to chew on, but believe it or not… we all and I repeat: we all have an ego. So that statement is made and don’t even think about starting a discussion on it… Betty is unanimous on that.

Maybe the author is the first to write an egography: a book written despite of and with the presence of an ego.

Businesswoman_with_Glasses_Cartoon_Character-26Ego Betty   lives in an apartment fit for a queen inside the head of the author. A panorama window, with a big classy window seat to view what’s happening in the life of the author. She’s ready to interfere shamelessly and passionately with it.

Betty is a collection of emotions people have, all bottled up in a small character. She can be angry, sad, disappointed, ashamed and insecure and therefore she’ll make things extremely complicated inside the head of the author.

Here’s a little sneak peek from the book…

Betty was thrilled to meet Henri. But the awareness of the ego wasn’t a guarantee for a successful relationship. Not long after the first date Betty found herself in a battle with Henri.

The fridge (a totally innocent piece of machinery) was the cause of a massive quarrel. “You shouldn’t keep your bananas in the fridge” said Henri when he had opened the door of the fridge. Not really something to get pissed off about, but Betty saw the expression on his face and heard a tone in his voice. She walked up to the fridge, looked inside and felt a rogue flow inside her. She took a deep breath and said: “Those are MY bananas. In MY fridge.”


Curious? We understand….

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