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A website for sharing things that make people happy. For those who need some optimism, humor and cheerfullness. A website coming from me.. Ernestine.. my mission: making people aware of the benefits of positive thinking.

I have been a blogger for some time. I used to write for friends, who had so much fun reading them.  They said that my way of writing was like you were actually in the story.

I have worked in the health care business and I discoverd that many people are stuck in the way they think. It’s like a land of ‘I can’t and I will never be able to…” I often introduced them to my world of  yes you can! Dreams will come true, if you dare to believe. The hardest thing to do is knowing what your dream is and what you do want in life.

I had conversations with people and given the question “What do you want in your life?” they were able to present a very detailed list of all the things they DIDN’T want. Due to negative experiences in the past they had become master of not wanting things. They lost their map to the world of dreams.

Let me be honest.. I don’t know everything and I don’t pretend that I didn’t have my less positive experiences in life. I have been there.. believe me! I was an excellent not-wanting-master. I have learned that the more you hold on to not wanting things, the bigger the chance that you will get those things. I started looking inside myself and found my way back to the things I do want. This website is one of those things.

On this website I like to share things about happiness and about knowing what you want.

Enjoying life is a theme here, and I try not to be jugdemental or miss know-it-all. I would like for you to get the best out of life and I hope you will find some interesting things here to help you with that.

Do look around and feel free to leave a comment.

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  1. YT

    Love the blog. Can’t find the one about Queen Beatrice though!

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